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About Greenway Irrigation

Greenway Irrigation is a leader in supplying area residents and businesses with quality sprinkler systems. Locally owned and operated, Greenway Irrigation is committed to giving our customers what they want when they want it. From ball parks and shopping centers to homes and golf courses, we have the experience and know-how needed to complete any size project.

Why Greenway Irrigation?

The answer is simple. We offer our customers the very best in superior service which includes:

  • Top-of-the-line products 
  • Custom design and installation for every type of project 
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Skilled and friendly office and field staff 
  • 24-hour access to management 
  • Commitment to complete customer satisfaction

Water Conservation

There are several new products on the market that may help reduce your current watering costs. Greenway Irrigation is pleased to offer the new Solar Sync Sensor. This revolutionary product automatically adjusts your irrigation system based on current weather conditions resulting in significant cost savings and conservation. The compact sensor is designed to continually measure rain fall and temperature for optimal performance. The environmentally sensitive Solar Sync is easily installed on Hunter Industries controllers and can mean an additional 30% savings on your water bill.

In addition to the Solar Sync, Greenway has new U-Nozzles and Rotating Nozzles available for spray zones. Due to better uniformity on the spray patterns, the new nozzles can water an area up to 30% more efficiently.

For customers with existing irrigation systems Greenway recommends a separate water meter. Having a separate meter for your irrigation eliminates MSD charges for irrigation system use and can save up to 50% on your water bill.